Riding high from their overwhelming victory in Weed, the small man basks in the glory and goodwill of his Orion overlords. With Jerry gone and the Resistance in shambles, Mr. Busk has free reign to implement the Order’s overarching strategy for planetary dominance. He quickly puts his plan into motion, forcing the Resistance to regroup and react.


Three years following The Order’s events, we pick up with our young heroes Jerry, Angie, and Ian, investigating a strange occurrence in Oakland’s warehouse district. What they find is exceptionally distressing. Mr. Busk and Mag-Ex are ramping up their evil machinations!

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The Order

Land of the free. The shining city on the hill. America is the place anyone, with hard work and dedication, can fulfill their wildest dreams. It is where each and every one of us is in control of our own destiny. But is it really?

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