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Blog 5

2012, Punta Del Diablo, Uruguay

Jericho and Marcus were in the small South American country of Uruguay, a few miles away from the beach town of Punta Del Diablo. Once a simple fishing village, Punta Del Diablo was now the preferred vacation destination for Uruguayans and Argentinians alike, especially between Christmas and February. It was also a favored stop for foreign backpackers. The town had grown over the years yet managed to maintain a quaint, laid-back aura. The beach itself, upon which Jericho and Marcus had been just the day before, was quite magnificent. The combination of rocky shoreline consisting of huge boulders and slabs of stone, coupled with vast expanses of soft, fine sand, made the beach a natural choice for a getaway. However, the friends had come to Punta Del Diablo for another one of its mainstays: Javier Martinez.

Two days earlier, Jericho and Marcus had arrived at the town via bus, having come all the way cross country from Las Piedras via the General Leonardo Olivera Highway. A government source had informed them of a partnership between certain CIA elements who had known ties to the Order and the Mendoza Cartel in South America. The cartel was notorious for two things: violence and cocaine. They had come to power overnight, utilizing seemingly endless resources to crush all who opposed them and assume their vanquished foes’ assets, businesses, and trade routes. Jericho’s source discovered the funding had come straight from the CIA. Essentially, the American taxpayers were paving the way for the cartel’s success, and a vital part of that success was the Mendoza’s bookkeeper, Javier Martinez.

Not your average accountant, Mr. Martinez cut quite the picture with his lean, six-foot figure and movie star good looks. He utilized the education he received from Dallas’ Southern Methodist University’s renowned school of business to keep the Mendoza Cartel running smoothly and their CIA and Order benefactors very happy. Javier was the essential cog that allowed everything else to happen. He was also a womanizer of the first magnitude and thus spent pretty much all of his free time at his favorite hunting ground, Punta Del Diablo. Javier and his connections were well known in the town, so he was catered to everywhere he went. That made identifying potential marks and reeling them in almost too easy. He liked his women young, sometimes too young, which made him an even bigger target to Marcus, who had lost his own daughter.

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