Author: Christian Richards

Excerpt #3 Of Orion

“Were you in the closet when Mag-Ex attacked?” Jerry asked, his curiosity momentarily overcoming his distrust.     “No, I was in the computer room in the basement, doing the work,” Aart answered. “I was just sitting at my desk, monitored as always by two guards when it sounded like a fucking F5 tornado hit the building upstairs. […]

Excerpt #4 of Orion

2020, Weed California      Three months had passed since that fateful night in the Sculpture Garden, yet Eddie could still think of nothing else. He could easily, at will, recall each and every precise emotion and thought from that event. It was as if the experience had been branded onto his brain.      That thing was so fucking […]

Excerpt #2 Of Orion.

September 3rd, Renton, Washington           The last three years had been exceedingly prosperous for the Resistance. Utilizing the information in Jerry’s head regarding the Order’s corporate structure, Resistance operatives around the world had secured multiple victories. Some of these had led to substantial financial windfalls. Whereas before the Resistance was a few […]

Excerpt #1 of ‘Orion’

September 2nd, 2041, Oakland California, 7 am Strange, flashing lights had been reported along with disturbing, otherworldly sounds. The most peculiar report of all was of the building shifting in and out of existence. While many would dismiss these rumors out of hand, the retellings struck a cord for the Resistance.The building on the corner […]

The Order Excerpt #6

The object of the two friends’ quest was, in fact, currently sitting on one of the many park benches outside star-shaped Fort McHenry contemplating life. Jerry knew he should be attending his birthday party but didn’t want to bring anyone down with the general malaise he had been experiencing for several weeks. His friends and […]

Excerpt #5 Of The Order.

2012, Punta Del Diablo, Uruguay Jericho and Marcus were in the small South American country of Uruguay, a few miles away from the beach town of Punta Del Diablo. Once a simple fishing village, Punta Del Diablo was now the preferred vacation destination for Uruguayans and Argentinians alike, especially between Christmas and February. It was […]

The Tales of Captain Mel #2

The Mugging Gone Wrong For many years after my Mom divorced him, Dad captained international tugboats, guiding massive container ships through canals worldwide, including the Suez. When he wasn’t overseas, which was for about nine months of the year, he called Key West, Florida, home.            To give you a little […]

The Tales of Captain Mel #1

Short stories of my larger than life Father Hello, how does this day find you? I hope well. I wanted to write a short intro to lay the groundwork, so to speak, of what you will be reading in this blog post series. My Dad, born Baby Boy Holder in Corning, California, on April 19th, […]

Excerpt #4 Of The Order

Focus. Focus. Focus. They can’t hit you. You are powerful. They can’t hit you. YOU ARE POWERFUL. The mantra ran through Jericho’s head in an endless loop as he slowly, deliberately continued walking down the street enclosed in a cocoon of telekinetic fortification that was being battered brutally by the shell after shell careening this […]

Excerpt #3 Of The Order.

“Please come in, Mr. Morgan. It’s quite nice of you to join us”, offered Jericho’s slight-statured nemesis. He was reclining on a plush, crimson couch about fifteen feet beyond the entrance. One arm was splayed leisurely across the back of the sofa around Jericho’s mom while the other laid in his lap. On the marble […]

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