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Christian’s motivation to write a sci-fi series is unparalleled. Since the age of 11, he’s been eager to become a published author. Potential human capabilities, such as telekinesis and telepathy, and extra-terrestrials fascinate him. He also feels strongly that this world has been manipulated for a very long time by influential financial organizations and has done much research to support this. So, the books, and the series, combine all of these things.

“I believe strongly that there are certain control structures in our world designed to keep people in a certain ‘place’. Keep the worker bees working, while the ultra-rich enjoy the fruit of our labors. The ‘Tales of Jericho’ series is about exactly that. It’s about the systemic oppression we have been dealing with since the dawn of human society. And the books are also about not accepting the status quo. About fighting and rising up. We are many.”



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